Pressure or strain in your romantic relationship can have an enormous impact on your life. Perhaps you are embarking on a new relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or are married or cohabiting. You may have begun your relationship with a sense of optimism and hope, but everyday realities can creep in and undermine the strongest partnership.

Even if your relationship begins strongly, unexpected conflicts sometimes arise and the person you thought truly understood you best can seem distant, argumentative or unable to communicate with you.

A new perspective

You will come into a relationship with your own expectations of how it will unfold – these views are formed consciously and unconsciously by your early prototypes of what it means to be in a relationship, which you may have learned from family. We all bring our hopes and dreams to an intimate relationship. Our own attachment styles can differ vastly – as can our family backgrounds – and this will inevitably affect our capacity to give and receive love and care.

You and your partner may have very different expectations. Relationship problems can arise over issues in domestic life, financial circumstances or sexual fidelity, as well as many other concerns, both major and minor. If as a couple, you cannot address and solve these differences. They can undermine the connection and understanding between you.

If you choose to seek individual counselling, it could make a great difference to your relationship, whether you and your partner are married or living together. I can work with you to develop strategies for improving communication, and my confidential therapeutic environment means you can discuss the most personal aspects of your relationship with freedom and confidence.

Whether you are starting a brand-new relationship, trying to improve an existing relationship or navigating the challenging process of divorce, psychotherapy will help you to develop and maintain the mental resources to cope.

Please note that I work with individuals rather than couples. This means you are able to focus on yourself and your needs and challenges, both personally and in the realm of your relationship.