Psychotherapy provides a safe space to emotionally explore one's life, both conscious and unconscious, difficulties and creative resources. In essence it is a space to get to know ones' self. The aim is to reduce suffering, help one make sense, and find new meaningful ways to relate both to oneself and others.

How can Psychotherapy help?

  • Help with difficulties in making and sustaining relationships, such as, romantic, social and professional
  • Help with feelings of depression, worthlessness, low self esteem and feelings of being stuck
  • Understanding anxiety and obsessional patterns
  • Resolve conflict and anger more successfully
  • Transform repeated destructive patterns in life to healthy desire
  • Dealing with loss, grief and change
  • Develop one’s creative potential
  • Growth in many areas in one’s life

A little bit of jargon

Dr Liat works from a psychoanalytic perspective with an attachment–based focus. Her work amalgamates together, both a focus on the client’s internal world and unconscious processes, which helps the client gain insight and understanding. As well as, dedicated attention to the quality of the relationship between client and therapist. Such fusion acts as a helpful vehicle for meaningful change.

  • Psychotherapy is about creating space for meaningful change
  • Psychotherapy is a safe place to explore your emotional wellbeing